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Bacon Wrapped Steak

We are distributors of fine Beef, Poultry, and SeaFood! At P.G.B. Foods we guarantee our product 100% against freezer burn for 12 months. Fresh / Frozen delivery within 6 days of your order. Overnight Express Mailed, and even personal delivery "at your door!"

All Products are portion cut and Packaged under USDA inspection. Strictly enforcing the highest standards of cleanliness and freshness of our products.

Don't throw away money on excess fat and bone. Instead, buy wholesale by the serving and get more bang for your buck! According to an article in the LA times, the USDA says that a lot of what the average consumer buys in meat is un-edible fat and bone. Our products are hand trimmed and portioned by specific ounces to ensure you have the right amount on your plate without the waste. Don't be an average consumer, BE A CONNISUER! If your looking to save money on your family's food budget you have come to the right place! At P.G.B. Foods, we specialize in cutting out the fat with our portion controlled packages to "Meat YOUR Needs"

Our mission is to be the provider of fantastic foods that make people smile! We focus on building integrity in our industry by consistently delivering quality products with prompt and punctual service. "If your not happy, were not happy"

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